Leadership and Communication Courses

Communication and leadership in project management are essential skills for successful project deliveries – for stakeholders as well as for the project team itself. Despite specialised knowledge, Project Managers often lack the opportunity to develop the “soft skills” needed to manage teams, communicate with non-technical personnel and communicating with senior managers and executives.

We have created three communication and leadership training courses. These team leader skills programmes will help you gain the competence to become a strongest leader and communicate and negotiate effectively.

Training Courses

Available Course Formats   # Days PDUs:
Project Leadership, Management and Communications
Build, manage, empower & lead your project teams to success through communication.
11‑13 Sep6‑8 Dec
Traditional ClassroomVirtual Instructor-Led ClassroomE-training OnlineTraining Onsite 11‑13 Sep6‑8 Dec 3 22.5
Communicating Up
Discover essential techniques needed to effectively communicate with executives and the C-suite
No public classroom courses currently scheduled. Available onsite and customised.
Traditional ClassroomVirtual Instructor-Led ClassroomE-training OnlineTraining Onsite 6‑7 Nov 2 16
High Impact Communication
Properly convey your true value through high impact communication for maximum results.
16‑18 Oct
Traditional ClassroomVirtual Instructor-Led ClassroomE-training OnlineTraining Onsite 6‑7 Nov 3 22.5

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Tailored On-site Training for Your Company

Discover how we can tailor project management training to reflect your specific industry, corporate culture, goals and schedule!

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution's corporate training programme focuses on the unique business needs of each organisation. Our targeted training at all levels in the organisation ensures that everyone involved in project management has a common base of knowledge and is working towards the same corporate objectives. Find out more

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