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Business Skills for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Negotiation Skills for Project Managers


An appropriate course to discover and learn about the “soft” skills of Project Management. This interesting interactive course is presented in a clear and fresh way and leaves sufficient room for participant’s own interpretation of the different subjects.

Installation Project Manager, SBM Offshore


A real eye opener when it comes to defining your own preferences and negotiating style. The group exercises that simulate real life situations are invaluable, every PM should go on this course.

Senior Project Manager, Tyco Oil Gas & Energy Systems (UK) Ltd


An interactive course, excellent approach to 'learn by doing'

Project Commercialisation Manager, 3M


Very useful and informative, good hands on exercises

Project Manager, BP


Well delivered, well structured, with an energised Course Tutor. A good balance of interactive materials with some nuggets of information to go away and practise with, My ESI also gives me access to ALL the tools and templates not just the ones from this course ;-)

Director, PPAC Ltd

Analyse your own and others’ negotiation styles and learn how to turn conflict into an advantage.

Negotiation is an invaluable skill for any project manager. Not only do you negotiate agreements with vendors and contractors, but also with stakeholders, customers and team members throughout the project life cycle. Highly interactive, this training course covers the dynamics, processes and techniques of internal and external negotiation. Learn how to analyse your own and the other party’s negotiation style, diffuse conflict and negotiate for effective cost and schedule performance. Experience one on one and team negotiations and receive coaching and feedback.

Is this course for me?

This course is for any professionals who regularly negotiate with internal or external clients. This course is also suitable to those who outsource work to subcontractors.

What will I learn?

  • Use competitive and collaborative negotiation strategies with success
  • Recover a stalled negotiation using breakthrough techniques to adjust your negotiating style to match the preferences of the other party
  • Deactivate the impact emotions and focus on finding agreement
  • Apply negotiation skills for efficient cost and schedule performance
  • Plan strategies to effectively develop and manage collaborative relationships critical to your project

What is included in the price?

Pre-course assessment tools

All Digital Course Materials

Food and Refreshments

Post course reinforcement training

Online tools and templates

Career coach

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Negotiation in the Project Environment
    1. Stakeholder Analysis
    2. Negotiating with key stakeholders
    3. Negotiation and the triple constraint
    4. Issues throughout the project lifecycle
  2. Natural Tendencies in Negotiation
    1. Negotiating from positions
    2. Transformation of goals
    3. Destroying trust
    4. Need to win
    5. Emotional reaction
  3. Developing the Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement
    1. Defining BATNA
    2. Determining the need to negotiate
    3. Strengthening the BATNA
    4. Using BATNA
    5. The other party's BATNA
  4. The Two Major Schools of Negotiation: Competitive and Collaborative
    1. Competitive Negotiation
    2. Determining primary and secondary issues
    3. Establishing maximum and minimum positions
    4. Defining the conflict range
    5. Assessing the negotiation range
  5. Understanding and Developing Your Negotiation Style
    1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and communication style
    2. Personality preferences and style
    3. Temperament Theory and collaboration
  6. Collaborative Negotiation: Creating Win–Win by Exploring Differences
    1. Clarifying interests
    2. Developing options
    3. Establishing Criteria
  7. Negotiating Within the Team
    1. Identifying interests
    2. Defining the process
    3. Determining roles
  8. Negotiating Between Teams
    1. Establishing an approach
    2. Monitoring the dialogue
    3. Clarifying all interests
  9. Preparing to Negotiate Your Project
    1. Analysing your situation
    2. Predicting the other party's situation
  10. Dealing with Conflict in Negotiations
    1. Insights from MBTI®
    2. Sequence of strengths as conflict escalates
  11. Breakthrough Strategies to Get Past "No"
    1. Managing emotional content
    2. Reframing vs. reacting
    3. Building a golden bridge
    4. Educating vs. escalating
  12. Maintaining and Building Your New Skills
    1. Personal Action Plan
    2. Other useful strategies for long-term gains

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