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Core Essential Project Management

Managing Projects


It was the best way to learn something new in no time, I have learned a lot in short time with very high quality knowledge.

Acting Assistant Governor of Financial and Admin Affairs, General Organization for Social Insurance


Helpful in order to establish strong connection among PM experience and PM official vocabulary.

Project Manager Constructions, LSG Sky Chefs


Excellent course with immediate practical application. Well presented with good flow, content and workshop exercises. Has allowed for solid and robust approach to projects .

Value Stream Leader, Pall Newquay


It was very useful and interesting. I learned a lot, It was very intense, so if I would have a chance to chance the course duration I would expend that amount of information in 4 or 5 training days.

System Development, YCO


I found the Managing Projects Course great, very details with practical examples as well.

Group Marketing Executive, Informa


Perfect foundation course for those starting out in the Project Management Industry.

Executive Personal Assistant, Anglo American


I had very good knowledge and it helped me in understanding the whole concept of the project management.


The content was very good and based on the PMI book, the delivery was unique by having those fun and useful workshops and the instructor was well experienced guy with good presentations skills. There are a lot of PM courses in the market and I have attended a lot of them, with ESI it was different as they don’t teach how to manage project only in the class no they do show you how projects are managed well by showing how well is the arrangement and their preparation for the course before, during and after the course. So thanks a lot for that.

IT Application Manager,


It’s a lot theory information on the same time. As I don't deal with projects very often I will need some time to absorb the information.

Senior Accountant, Ericsson


The content of this training, case studies, and practical theories were relevant to my current experience and future needs as a project manager.

Project Manager, HP


Very clear course with a lot of interaction. Course can be applied to work directly.

Project Engineer, SBM Offshore


Fundamental for everyone that manages or even works in a project. What I have particularly enjoyed is that I had the chance to meet people working in different industries and to discuss about the different challenges.

Market Operations Systems, European Central Bank


I like the class a lot and even more I liked to tutor. This was my first experiences of an online class but the trainer made me feel like he was always present and was not online at all. Thank you so much.

Senior Localisation Project Manager, Motorola


Despite the fact that I consider myself have a moderate work experience in PM and this course is foundation course, I found it very quick and very useful way in figuring out the missing gaps in my knowledge and skills and putting my experience in more scientific way and linking the unlinked points. The instructor was outstanding with a lot of work experience in different disciplines that gives her a lot of work experience anecdotes.

IT PM Subsurface and wells, Shell


Good experience. The trainer was clear in explanation, the object of the training was according to expectation an helpful for real job. The opportunity to share experience with people from other companies was also good.

Project Manager, Motorola


This is a really good course to get the basics of project management. It's highly interactive and it delivers what you would expect from a basic course. It was a great help in my learning path to my PMP certification.

Project Manager, Cisco


A really good course to begin studies in project management. You learn all the project management basic concepts. It is a great course to be sure to be able to understand the next courses.

Software Architect, Bull SA


It is a great course to get an intro to project management as well as learn about the basics of project management. You learn how to start being a Project Manager and how to manage your projects. The resources are also great and the in class sessions were very interactive.

Project Manager/EMEA Treasury Specialist, Brady Corp


Perfect training for those who are looking for a global overview of managing project practices, I would recommend this training for those who want to be introduced to the project management world. For project managers with more experience this training might be a bit too basic.

Project Manager, Motorola UK


Excellent course. The tutor’s approach was relevant to projects spanning all industries. I found the project planning concepts very useful to work with. The tutor’s high level of experience was also encouraging.

Energy Management Trainee, City Holdings


Dynamic, clearly, very useful and applicable in practice, very good basis for other (more specific) courses.

Senior Project Manager, Energoprojekt Oprema a.d.


The course provides a good general introduction and foundation for people entering into a career in project management and learning about project management.

Project Manager, Crown Agent


As a PMP I would say The course is fully integrated with the project management practical and much the PMP Project Management Body Of Knowledge

Project Manager, BP, Egypt

Master the essentials of project management; get everything you need to start managing your own successful projects.

Managing Projects is an essential foundation course and a great starting point for your development. Gain the skills, knowledge and tools you need to start running each stage of the project life-cycle. You will learn to work within organisational and cost constraints and set goals tied directly to stakeholder needs. Get the most from your team and learn to utilise project management tools to get work done on time and within budget. Learn a comprehensive and thorough approach to project management - from the early stages of defining project requirements - to developing work breakdown structures, project change control and closeout.

Is this course for me?

This course is aimed at individuals who need to strengthen their project management skill sets, those new to project management, or project managers seeking a refresher on fundamental project management knowledge, skills and current tools.

What will I learn?

  • Master fundamental project management skills, concepts and techniques
  • Link project goals and objectives to clear, compelling stakeholder needs
  • Develop work breakdown structures
  • Set realistic, measurable objectives and ensure positive results
  • Estimate project costs and schedules using simple, proven techniques
  • Establish a dependable project control and monitoring system

What is included in the price?

Pre-course assessment tools

All Digital Course Materials

Food and Refreshments

Post course reinforcement training

Online tools and templates

Career coach

Does this course help me towards certification/accreditation?

What topics will be covered in the course?

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  1. Introduction to Project Management
    1. What are "projects"?
    2. Why project management?
    3. The project life cycle
    4. Influences on a project
    5. Key stakeholders
    6. Project management process groups
    7. Project manager responsibilities
  2. Project Initiation
    1. Understanding the role of senior management
    2. Needs Assessment
    3. Project selection - benefit/cost ratio
    4. Present value and net present value
    5. Building SMART objectives
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Agreed to
      • Realistic
      • Time-constrained
    6. Developing Requirements
    7. Project charters
    8. Project Requirements Document
  3. Project Planning
    1. Scope planning
    2. The work breakdown structure
    3. Estimating
    4. Schedule Planning
    5. Network Diagrams - CPM
    6. Speeding up the Schedule
    7. Project Management Planning Software
    8. Cost Planning
    9. Responsibility Matrix
    10. Resource Loading and Levelling
    11. Risk Planning
    12. Procurement Planning
    13. Communication and quality planning
  4. Project Implementation
    1. Baselines
    2. Developing the project team
    3. Organisations and team structures
    4. Managing change
    5. Managing Risk
    6. Performance reporting
    7. Reserves
    8. Assessing and monitoring project performance
    9. Earned value
    10. Sunk costs
  5. Project Closeout
    1. Scope verification and customer acceptance
    2. Administrative and contractual closure
    3. Transferring lessons learned to future project

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