Public Classroom Training

If you are interested in pursuing your individual development, our public classroom training will help you to build the skills, knowledge and techniques needed to become a top performer within your organisation.

Our training will enable you to focus on developing the practical, useful and transferable skills which are highly attractive to employers. The role of the project within the organisation is changing and growing; anyone that is involved in this area of work will benefit hugely from our professional learning programmes. Not only will training and certification improve your personal performance, it will also boost other confidence in your abilities.

Our courses are highly interactive and engaging and are taught by instructors that are experts in their fields with over 20 years of experience. Based on 486,000 ratings since 1997, Strategy Execution's average instructor rating is 9.3 out of 10.

Courses are brought to life through the use of real life case studies, role plays and successful teaching tools. Comprehensive course materials and course notes are also included, providing a quick frame of reference for when you return to your job. Our varied and in depth courses focus on the areas of project management, basic and advanced; business analysis and business skills – the softer skills which are a vital partner to your technical knowledge as your role within the organisation grows.