The Impact Model: Knowledge and Skills Adoption

Adopt: Reinforcing and Applying the Skills Learned

Your learning programme has to achieve real-world results to be successful. We make sure that new skills and knowledge learned are leveraged and retained, so you continue to get the measurable results you need going forward.

Our team includes engagement managers, business development managers, expert instructional designers, subject matter experts, and instructors, who follow your programme from planning through post-implementation and assessment, to ensure that processes and practices deliver the desired impact.


Individual Knowledge and Skills Adoption

By focusing on an individual's knowledge and skills adoption, you will see how the individual can transfer their “classroom” knowledge to their workplace and improve their performance and behaviours.


Strategy Execution’s interactive, proprietary learning platform offers an access portal for information, tools and assessments related to our learning programmes and courses.


A complimentary service that gives students the chance to ask questions about our course content after their courses have been completed.

Strategy Execution Real-Time Source™

An online library of reference materials and tools available for real-time application.


Organisational Knowledge and Skills Adoption

By focusing on organisational knowledge and skills adoption, you will see how the “classroom” skills transfer into performance and behaviours that can be seen and felt in the workplace, the impact of which can be measured at an organisational level.

Project Planning Workshops

Project planning workshops provide a practical complement to our formal Project Management training programmes. The workshops are led and facilitated by an experienced workshop “coach”, and are available in a 3, 4 or 5 day format.

There are 2 different types of Project Planning Workshops:

Project Simulation Workshop

A project simulation workshop uses a specifically developed client case study and brings together project managers from different parts of the business to work through simulations together to build a more common, practical and robust approach to the planning activities they undertake for their own live projects.

"Live" Project Workshop

The "Live" Project Workshop is designed to fast-track the planning process for "live" client projects, while at the same time building higher levels of quality, robustness and consistency into the planning deliverables.