Learning reinforcement workshops

Following on from a Strategy Execution training course, learning reinforcement workshops are designed to help attendees of the course apply the new skills in the workplace.

By setting a detailed plan, the coach and coachee work together to overcome the challenges the employee is facing – particularly the hurdles they have encountered since returning from their training, and when trying to implement more effective ways of doing things.

The value of reinforcement

Professional training is of no use if it only stays in the classroom. If learning isn’t reinforced, it’s forgotten. As an industry average, 80% of knowledge gained in training is lost within three hours of leaving the classroom. By providing the proper support, we can ensure your employees continue to benefit from what they have learned, and most importantly, adopt this in the workplace.

Impact Workshops

Through the bolstering of newly-acquired knowledge, our Impact Workshops help to ensure the immediate application – and long term adoption – of newly gained skills and techniques.

Our simulated and activity based learning events allow trainees the chance to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom immediately, using company-specific standards and practices that are designed to get the most out of your training investment, as well as provide a valuable way to improve your organisation’s strategic planning and execution.

Impact Workshops can be created for project managers, business analysts and contracting professionals and are designed to focus on:

Through highly-focused, interactive workshops, the Strategy Execution expert will guide participants through the production of real deliverables.

For project management, this includes:

For business analysis, this includes:

Highly customised

Strategy Execution’s Impact Workshops follow a highly customised learning plan, developed through content, design and delivery, allowing you to accomplish targeted performance improvement goals using your own projects, programmes or contracts.

To work around your demanding schedule, Impact Workshops can be delivered with flexible scheduling options, from half to full days, to meet your immediate needs.

A workshop can also be scheduled over weeks or months should the coaching solution require it – or to correspond with other learning programmes.

The workshops are extremely suited to project teams that need to enhance competency in specific processes or areas.

This use of expert coaching through a facilitative approach, rather than lesson-based training, will enable organisations to: