Learning on Demand

In order to meet the growing demand for new preferences in learning, including more targeted, easily accessible and just-in-time learning opportunities, we have developed 19 learning on demand modules.

Covering all four stages of the project lifecycle, the modules have also been designed to address the growing problem of reduced training budgets and increased employee time constraints.

How Learning on Demand can be used

Covering the four phases of the project lifecycle, each 90 minute module can be accessed online, where the participant navigates the content with the guidance of virtual instructors and experts.

Containing interactive multi-media features including games, video and animation, all modules are designed so that the participant can go through the content in their own pace, as well as review the content at any time. Exercises are also included to assess how much they have learnt and understand of the material.

These modules are aimed to help organisation in the following ways: