Coaching is essential for reinforcing the professional development of your project teams.
We recommend one-on-one or group coaching for project managers, business analysts or contracting professionals, to ensure the following:

The Benefits of Coaching

The beauty of coaching is not only in the way it maximises the return on your training investment, but how it helps your employees – and therefore your organisation – achieve success.

Classroom teaching alone is often not enough to guarantee students the necessary skills and experience they need to reach their potential. Our coaching services ensure your employees get the most from their training, and in doing so, your training programme meets its business objective.

Who is coaching for?

Our courses are designed especially for those who need to improve their essential coaching skills, including listening, observing, questioning, understanding and providing feedback.

Anyone who wants to develop a personal coaching style and learn how to leverage it, as well as be able to deal more effectively with challenging situations, would benefit from coaching training.

Coaching relies on improving proficiency by consistently using a standardised learning process. There are three different styles of delivering effective coaching, depending on the level of skill (high, medium or low) that you are working with. One of the key elements you will be taught on this course is our coaching and mentoring model. Whether you will be coaching up to the project sponsor, across to another project manager or downwards to a member of the project team, it will allow you to understand their skill and commitment level, and ensure you use the correct coaching style to bring out the best in the other person.

Our coaching courses equip managers with the necessary skills to bring out the best in their employees and help organisations to operate more effectively. Whether this is one-to-one or in a workshop, the close interaction between the coach and the coachee - as well as consistent communication with the stakeholders - cannot fail to yield successful results.

Our Coaching Services

Our coaches are experts in both training and implementation, bringing years of experience and expertise to ensure satisfaction and success on every level of your organisation.

Our coaching service is a powerful way to help your team members retain their new skills and maximise the training that has been invested in them. It also provides a further opportunity to support your employees – from the least to the most experienced. This leads to a more confident, capable workforce with increased employee satisfaction.

As well as this, a Strategy Execution coach can offer objective insight into your organisation, to help see through the politics and red tape that can stand in the way of success. A perspective that is particularly helpful when dealing with organisational change.

Tailored Coaching

Strategy Execution will work with your organisation to tailor our coaching service to meet your specific needs. We will create a schedule, scope and deliverables to meet the identified approach.

The service can provide different coaching methods, depending on which will be the most advantageous to the organisation:

One-to-One coaching

This guides individual employees through the specific areas they need to work on, whether they are new to their career or have years of experience behind them. One-to-one coaching can be customised to meet that individual’s needs, and is ultimately designed to improve overall performance.