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Arcellor Mittal

Arcellor Mittal had identified that the speed of change within their organisation had increased and therefore required greater internal efficiency in the projects environment.

We implemented a customised Project Management foundation class. With identified pre-work and action planning, we shifted the focus of responsibility within the organisation. The event equipped staff with the authority required to drive projects and continual improvement initiatives to completion, thereby increasing resource efficiency.


ABB wanted to create an alternative but structured career path for their project managers, raising the professional value of the project managers within the organisation.

We have been partnering ABB since 1994 and have helped ABB develop customised courses in project maangement, project applications, communications and leadership, as well as advanced courses in managing troubled and complex projects. Over 70 sessions are delivered globally on an annual basis.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden was looking to transform their client engagements into project-like processes and needed to work with a partner to implement a best practice approach for managing projects and common project language and methodology within the organisation.

We delivered a customised project management programme consisting of industry and specific Business Sweden best practices to their local offices around the world.


Cisco wanted Project Managers, Pre-Sales and Consultants to work collaboratively, in order to better understand the requirements gathering process, and documentation phase of a client engagement.

We developed a customised Business Analysis workshop that covered the end to end life-cycle of Requirements Management, Elicitation and Documentation, to meet the business goals identified. The delivery of the programme resulted in an improved alignment between delivery processes, activities and customer needs.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse wanted to implement a global Project Management training programme for their IT department, based on a common methodology.

We customised and delivered a structured and comprehensive global training path based on PMI's Project Management Knowledge Areas.
The customised programme met the business objectives to introduce a common way of working across the globe, as well as providing Credit Suisse staff with a route to achieving Project Management Professional Certification (PMP).


Ericsson were keen to implement common project management standards, to help improve their customer satisfaction scores and the overall quality of client feedback.

We designed a programme that introduced PMI industry recognised best practices, providing learning to enhance consistent project planning and analysis, improved project quality and effective contract management. A PMP Preparation course was also offered to prepare Ericsson staff to achieve an externally recognised PM certification. The technical skills offerings were complimented with optional soft skills courses, to improve the interpersonal skills of participants within the programme.


Etisalat wanted to develop a more rigorous approach to identifying, analysing and documenting their overall business requirements.

We customised its training programme to meet Etisalat's business needs and provided on-site consulting services, to help embed the learning within the workplace. The programme was implemented across Etisalat's Business Analysis community, to drive a consistent, high quality approach to the way in which requirements are captured, ultimately increasing the chances of delivering project success.

European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank wanted an improved, structured and standardised way of managing contracts, as well as enhancing the skills and performance of their staff.

We tailored our highly successful Managing Contracts class, to closely align with the bank's own procurement and contract management guidelines, increasing the relevancy to learners and speed to adoption within the workplace.

FEI (Field Emission Inc.)

FEI wanted to develop a more comprehensive and mature project practice across its entire organisation.

The implementation of customised, highly interactive sessions for all project practitioners across the globe, complimented with senior sponsors and executive workshops, would help to ensure that a culture of project excellence would be built at all levels within the organisation.

Heidelberg Cement N. Europe

Heidelberg Cement Northen Europe needed to enable its project managers to develop a set of unified and common terminology and best practice approach to projects.

We helped deliver a programme for entry-level trainees in project fundamentals, project leadership and communication. A customised leadership programme was also developed and delivered for Heidelberg's middle management team of over 200 staff across the Nordic region.


HSBC wanted to avoid inconsistent ways of working across a large, complex, global organisation. HSBC created the "One HSBC" initiative to introduce standardised practises across all bank functions and introduce their Risk Based Project Management Methodology.

We designed, developed and delivered training, ranging from foundation courses to advanced master classes in Risk and Stakeholder Management. The suite of nine customised courses was one of the primary vehicles used to successfully drive the "One HSBC" initiative.

HSBC First Direct

HSBC First Direct wanted a better understanding of Agile and how it could be applied to upcoming projects.

Our customised Agile programme helped to set clear roles and responsibilities for Agile teams. It also introduced the tools and methods required to manage backlog prioritisation and planning, to ensure that Agile teams could be effective right from the outset.

Legal and General

L&G wanted their BA community to achieve improved consistency and follow standardised processes in the day-to-day running of the business. Through the introduction of a solid career structure and accreditation options, they were offered opportunities for progression and reward.

We implemented a detailed Knowledge & Practices survey to baseline current competence levels. The results of the survey provided recommendations for a multi-tiered curriculum path, integrating learning offerings and workplace adoption activities, focused on addressing the specific knowledge and skills gaps identified, all aligned with IIBA industry best practices and the new BA career path.


Michelin wanted to improve the skills of the global Functional Analyst community that gather and analyse the requirements of ICT projects, to help reduce poorly defined requirements and increase the probability of project success.

We customised its existing Business Analysis content, aligned with IIBA industry best practices. A global training programme was then rolled out utilising bi-lingual instructors, providing the tools and models for gathering, documenting and analysing requirements, to create a common language and process with consistent, high quality results.


Nestlé's Centre of Excellence engineering team were keen to implement a standardised and consistent approach to project management.

Through the implementation of a project management programme aligned with externally recognised PMI best practices and guidelines, we delivered a series of courses and application workshops, designed to increase the application of PM best practices and provide a vehicle to support the production of high quality, real project deliverables for the organisations Capital projects.


Nilfisk needed to develop effective and efficient projects to support its global expansion and business growth strategy.

We worked with Nilfisk to develop customised licensed courses. This enabled Nilfisk trainers to successfully deliver a multi-national programme across key locations around the world, representing a cost-effective training strategy.

Pall Corporation

Pall engaged with ESI as they wanted to build the culture and global project management capability necessary to ensure business performance, through process discipline, accountability and effective execution.

In partnership with us the "Pall Project Excellence Program" was developed and rolled out globally to project managers and senior leaders, to help increase and strengthen the overall capabilities of project teams, and improve the way in which projects are delivered throughout the organization, building project discipline & accountability into the DNA of Pall employees

Plastic Omnium

Plastic Omnium wanted a comprehensive, consistent and high quality training programme for its Project Management teams in Europe, USA and Asia. In particular the training needed to foster collaboration between cross functional teams.

We created a customised, highly interactive two-day workshop that focused on the characteristics of a successful project team, including how the team should be built and techniques for sustaining high performance. This initial workshop was designed as a platform for the launch of a more in depth full Project Management curriculum .


Qinetiq wanted the technical personnel, responsible for writing Independent Technical Evaluations (ITE) to improve how they translated requirements effectively for evaluation purposes.

We designed, developed and delivered a customised ‘Statements of Requirements’ Course that developed the skills necessary to articulate statement of requirements; review, evaluate and interpret SOW’s coming back to them, and write output-based SOR’s that are sufficiently detailed to be used for evaluation purposes.


Sapient wanted to develop its Business Analysis and Consulting capabilities, aligned to IIBA® international standards and drive increasing business value to both internal and external customers. The implementation of individual learner knowledge assessment, followed by a customised programme of courses was made available, on demand worldwide.

We ensured that the courses supported the competencies required , included facilitating, gathering and documenting requirements, developing a business case and strategic enterprise analysis.

SAS Institute

SAS Institute's Implementation Consultants needed to do more qualified requirements gathering in order to secure aligned IT deliveries to its clients. They wanted to move away from "doing things right" to "doing the right thing", thus increasingly taking on the role as trusted advisers.

We took onboard SAS Institute's objectives and through a customised course offering provided a successful delivery to SAS Institute's consultants.


Schlumberger's experienced project managers required refresher training in project management skills and techniques through an applied learning environment.

We developed and implemented an application-oriented course comprising of Project Planning, Analysis and Control, Financial Considerations for Business Decision Making, and Contract Management Principles and Practices elements. This interactive course provided experienced PM's with an engaging fast track route to master the skills required to perform their job effectively.


TCO needed core Project Management and Business Analysis training for local IT teams based in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. The programme needed to be aligned with industry standards and the expectations of Chevron as a key stakeholder within the Joint Venture.

We designed an 8 course programme designed to meet the needs of the business. Through a careful selection process a team of instructors was built to roll out the programme responding to the regional and cultural requirements of the TCO operation.


Trelleborg wanted their engineers to develop solid project skills in order to deliver improved solutions to their oil and gas clients.

We developed a customised 'Project Planning, Analysis and Control' Course, which provided the engineers with technical, leadership and communications skills.
The event was designed to allow students to work on live projects, providing the opportunity to immediately apply what they had learnt and offer instant value to the business.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

Wilhemson's Group Academy was tasked with creating a project management programme tthat would align and standardise project processes and procedures across all the company divisions within the group.

We customised and delivered a project management fundamentals as well as an advanced project management module that would cater to all levels of seniority within the Wilh. Wilhelmsen's project management community.

Xyratex (now Seagate)

Xyratex needed to develop the skills of their Programme Managers and Field Application Engineers to be more effective in gathering, analysing and approving requirements.

We designed, developed and delivered a customised course that would provide practical experience with the key elements of managing requirements, including writing SOW’s; monitoring and changing requirements, the event specifically emphasised the links between practical and functional processes and performance.