Strategy Execution and George Washington University (GWU): A Partnership to Improve Knowledge and Build Talent

For more than 20 years, Strategy Execution and The George Washington University (GWU) have worked together as academic partners. This partnership gives us a distinctive advantage above our competitors as after successfully completing the coursework, our students are rewarded with impressive, professional certificates that set them apart as experts in their field.

Partnering with us means partnering with the George Washington University (GWU). Our academic partner, known internationally for its dedication to excellence in teaching and management research, has been ranked top in surveys by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week. As well as being highly academically regarded, the GWU offers students exposure to all the pertinent and topical issues present in the business arena.

The certificates available from Strategy Execution are:

Business Skills: Professional Certificate New
Project Management: Associate’s Certificate
Project Management: Master’s Certificate
Project Management: Advanced Master’s Certificate
Programme Management: Master’s Certificate
Business Analysis: Associate’s Certificate New
Business Analysis: Master’s Certificate

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