Quality Instructors

Instructors make or break the learning experience. Great instructors inspire, challenge, and motivate. Great instructors call on their industry experience to make the course material come alive for students; great instructors leave a lasting impression.

We understands the value of great instructors. We focus heavily on developing and maintaining the very best project management instructor talent. Post-course student evaluations allow us to manage instructor quality, ensuring a consistently exceptional experience for every student in every class.

Our instructors at a glance

Each of our 600 instructors is continuously evaluated by their students and receives an overall performance rating based on a seven-point scale. They are scored on three quality metrics:

Instructor Performance

Subject matter knowledge

Ability to facilitate relevant, real world discussions

The degree to which they kept students actively engaged

Average Score


out of 7

Average Score

Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor Led Training

Believed the instructor facilitated relevant, real-world discussions that enhanced the learning.


Felt the instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Subject Matter

Believed the instructor’s energy and enthusiasm kept the participants actively engaged.