Global Reach

For multi-national organisations, moving the enterprise forward means executing highly integrated and complex projects across multiple regions, languages and cultures. Successful and sustained project delivery requires consistency and discipline across all teams and geographies. Partnering with the right training provider is critical to ensuring that a consistent project methodology is employed globally, that best-practices are understood and adopted in all regions of operation, and that a common project culture is shared throughout the enterprise.

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Formula for Success

Building a world-class learning and development program to support your global project community is pretty simple.


We strongly encourage our multinational clients and prospects to evaluate the global infrastructure of any potential training providers. Over the past 30 years we have invested heavily in our global presence to ensure that our multinational clients receive a consistent and relevant learning experience from a local team of experts. Many training providers claim to be global; in reality what that often means is someone sitting in a far off headquarters office, managing your global programme remotely with only a vague understanding of the local markets and environments within the regions where you operate. Partnering with a truly global training provider means having a team on the ground that is intimately familiar with the norms and customs of the area because they live and work in it every day.

Strategy Execution has an expansive global presence, operating in 40 countries in every region of the world. We have a physical presence in every region we serve, with local offices in Virginia, United States; Toronto, Canada; São Paulo, Brazil; London, England; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Madrid, Spain; Johannesburg, South Africa; Stockholm, Sweden; Singapore, Singapore; Bangalore, India; Sydney, Australia; Beijing and Shanghai, China.

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The benefits of localised knowledge and support cannot be denied but how does Strategy Execution ensure a consistent standard of quality across diverse regions for its learning experience? We closely measure every aspect of the learning experience for our global engagements. With over 500,000 data points, the numbers speak for themselves.

Responded positively to questions asked about instructor performance, interactions, and engagement in the classroom

Americas: 83%
EMEA: 83%
APAC: 89%


Having a physical presence in each of the regions we serve gives our clients the ability to deliver their classes for their regional offices around the world. One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Strategy Execution is consistent deliveries for your employees.

Predicted that their job performance would improve as a result of the knowledge and skills they learned through our training

Americas: 83%
EMEA: 83%
APAC: 89%

Reported feeling an increase or significant increase in employee engagement following their participation in our training

Americas: 70%
EMEA: 77%
APAC: 85%

Reported they would improve effective communications in their jobs

Americas: 74%
EMEA: 70%
APAC: 70%

Reported they would increase quality as a result of the training

Americas: 61%
EMEA: 64%
APAC: 68%

Reported they would decrease risk as a result of the training

Americas: 47%
EMEA: 49%
APAC: 48%

Reported they would increase customer satisfaction as a result of the training

Americas: 49%
EMEA: 44%
APAC: 51%

Reported that they learned new knowledge and skills in our training courses

Americas: 94%
EMEA: 93%
APAC: 95%

Predicted success in applying the knowledge and skills learned in our training on the job

Americas: 91%
EMEA: 91%
APAC: 94%

Responded positively to questions asked about the courseware, including relevance of examples used in class and the scope of the materials

Americas: 93%
EMEA: 91%
APAC: 94%